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Medical Tourism for Parkinson's Treatment

For those living outside the Tuscon, AZ area, we provide a fully supported medical tourism experience for you to receive the full results of our Parkinson’s Disease treatment program.

It starts with an intensive, two week program here in Tuscon, including concierge support during your entire stay.

Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa provides your needs here during the Tuscon portion of your treatment program. You can learn more about your stay, available options during your stay (including spa services), and what is here for you in Tuscon, AZ during your stay all in this downloadable PDF, just click here »

You’ll be free to explore the area and be pampered by the spa on the weekend, as well as between scheduled treatments during the week days.

We’ve provided more detailed information further below.

This intensive on-location portion of your treatment is then followed by ongoing home treatment you can do on your own when you return home, with periodic support from our medical team.

The home treatment are simple activities you do in the comfort of your own home on an ongoing basis to continue your results.

We invite you to learn more about this opportunity for treating your Parkinson’s Disease here by scheduling your initial consult, where all your questions are answered and we walk you step by step through your treatment plan and travel logistics.

We invite you to read and learn about our program to decide if it is right for you. Please feel free to call 520-878-8116 to request a phone call from our Program Coordinator, Maria Mitchell. Maria will return your phone call request promptly, and she will be happy to answer any questions while you decide if this program is right for you.

Medical Tourism at IBHI

Travel arrangements to Tucson are arranged by the individual patient.

Flights can come into Phoenix International Airport or Tucson International Airport. Several shuttle services are available from the Phoenix airport. A car service can be directly booked through Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa. Please plan to arrive on the Saturday before your treatments are scheduled.

When you arrive

Depending on your arrival time at Westward Look, Maria (the Institute’s Coordinator) will visit to meet with you Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. A welcome packet will already be provided in your room. Maria will go over all the details and answer any preliminary question you might have.

There will be time for some sightseeing on the weekend(s) in between your 2 (or 4) weeks of treatment. Please see Maria and/or Westward Look Concierge for help in coordination these outings.

Some activities include:

  • Tohono Chul gardens
  • Hacienda del Sol Historic Landmark
  • Tucson Desert Museum
  • Biosphere 2
  • Mt. Lemmon
  • Sahuaro National Park

Westward Look provides a 3 mile radius shuttle service. This can take you to many places for your needs of convenience and entertainment. Such as:

  • Whole Foods outdoor shopping center
  • Natural Groceries
  • Trader Joes
  • Sprouts
  • La Encantada outdoor mall
  • Tohono Chul gardens

Sunday is designed as a day to rest and recover from your travels. You are about to enter into a two-week program to jump start your body into a new level of health. Being rested, well fed, and acclimated to the beautiful desert will be a great way to start your program.

What about meals?

All your plant-based meals will be provided by Westward Look. (Lessons in food preparation for your return home are available through coordination with our program! You will love the way you feel with this new and health way of eating!)

Medical Tourism Treatment Program

The treatment program begins on Monday morning. Westward Look shuttle will take you to our institute just 1/2 mile away.

You will receive photomodulation therapy and acupuncture treatments from our program developer and director Steve Liu every weekday of the program. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will also include a movement session with our program movement therapist Joe Pinella, and Tuesday and Thursday will conclude a 45-minute neuro-massage session from our massage therapist Maria Mitchell.

In the second week, our plant-based nutrition coach, Karianne Croy, will begin to meet with you. At this point you will have been eating a plant-based diet for one week! This will give you an excellent base from which to work with Karianne on a new kitchen, shopping, and eating lifestyle.

The Institute’s motorized bicycle will also become available for your use at this time. Assisted Rapid Leg Movement is an excellent way to increase energy, vitality, and most importantly – dopamine production!

A New Life at Home

Home support is KEY! At the end of your 2 (or 4) weeks your body will have gone through a rigorous brain laser/acupuncture regime and learned new ways to move and eat. All of these steps are designed to take your body into new levels of health. Now it’s time to think about maintaining that health and building on the foundations of the program.

New Home Lifestyle elements include:

  • Home LED transcranial and intranasal light unit for daily treatments you can do on your own in the convenience of your own home
  • Kybounder mat for continual core muscle development to enhance mobility
  • Personalized movement program through Joe Pinella’s DVD – “Healing Movements System”
  • Theracycle 200 motorized bike with personalized exercise program
  • Follow up sessions available through Karianne for on-going inspiration on how to eat a healthy, plant-based diet
  • Recommendations for types of massage that will be most beneficial to your body’s specific needs

At the end of the program we will also supply for you a list of practitioners and resources in your area that can help you maintain your changes with us. This resource list will be a work in progress throughout your stay. We will also be happy to contact your requested practitioners in your area directly to explain how they can best offer you on-going support.

Follow up visits to our institute are strongly recommending for optimal quality of life care. Come back and see us regularly for continued treatment, new ideas, supplemental changes, and a chance to experience more of what Tucson has to offer!

Make the investment in yourself TODAY and take the first steps into a world of health, support, and a healing team that cares.

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