How to Heal Parkinson’s and Get Your Life Back

You can take control of your health, stimulate healing, move better, and do it naturally without drugs or invasive treatments.

I’m Steve Liu, Founder of IBHI and our integrative Parkinson’s treatment programs. 

Over 25 years ago, my father passed away with Parkinson’s complications. I lived through the Parkinson’s experience with my father. It was really tough to see him slowly deteriorate and not be able to do anything about it, or even understand what was actually happening to him.

I didn’t know what to do with my own father.

Now he’s why I’m doing this today. I want to help every one of the millions of Parkinson’s patients out there any way I can. Unfortunately, medicines like L-DOPA only masks the disease’s symptoms, and is not going to slow down or stop the progression of the disease.

Can Anything Stop the Progression?

The other day, I ran by my neighbor who was also my patient. He told me his best friend died from Parkinson’s and asked, “How does this deep brain stimulator impact Parkinson’s?”

I told him the problem with it and with L-DOPA medication:

They cannot stop the progression.

These treatment options can ease the symptoms and cover up the symptoms for a while, but they can’t stop the progression of Parkinson’s.

Even your doctor knows this.

But with an integrative approach we’ve developed we have been able to help:

  • Rejuvenate brain functions
  • Relieve muscle rigidity and improve mobility
  • Restore a functional digestive system, which has a known connection to Parkinson’s disease
  • And utilize Rapid Leg Movement Therapy, which can quickly alleviate the symptoms of a shuffling gait and hand trembling

My father did not have these options, but I’m going to show you just how we’ve done it and how these same methods can help you.

That’s why I want you to hear this message:
To discover how you can heal your brain and start smiling again, getting out more, and moving better.

I saw my father deteriorate and pass away. As the disease progressed, we felt we had to shut him inside the house to protect him, and he became unrecognizable as the man and father we knew.

An Integrative Approach

After 25 years, there’s no cure. But there is a treatment that we’ve developed. We’ve seen our patients revive their mobility, rejuvenate brain function, slow deterioration, and even get back to smiling and exercising outdoors.

It’s not as easy as a pill, but we’ve seen it help patient after patient to get their lives back.

It comes from thinking (w)holistically.

Because healing the deterioration of Parkinson’s involves the whole body.

That includes the gut, the brain, and specific types of movement. And combining natural therapies, nutrition therapies, rapid movement therapy, photobiomodulation, and more.

We brought together all the science into one easy-to-follow, integrative approach. And you can even do it from home.

(You can even hear stories of patients here »)

The 3 Principles of Integrative Parkinson’s Treatment

And the basis of our unique treatment programs – Yellow Tulip and PLAN2MOVE!

They work together to get you back to your life – healing, smiling, and moving.

How You Can Get Back to Smiling, Moving, and Living Your Life Independently Again

The best time to heal Parkinson’s is early, the second best time is RIGHT NOW.

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Discover how you can treat Parkinson’s in a (w)holistic, integrative way that doesn’t just cover up symptoms but can actually stimulate healing and better movement.

We use these same approaches in our clinic with Parkinson’s disease patients every day.

Are You Ready to Start Healing Parkinson’s, moving better, and getting your life back?

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