Melia Maria M.S., LMT, YT

Happy Gut Educational Consultant, YELLOW TULIP

Melia Maria holds a Master’s of Science in Gerontology from the University of Utah and nearly three decades of experience in the health and wellness field.

A member of the team since the Institute’s inception, Melia has garnered valuable experience from Parkinson’s patients (such as yourself), developing a real life understanding about what techniques work well and what recommendations are more of a challenge for the daily management of PD symptoms.

A Yoga Therapist and abdominal massage practitioner, Melia has conducted meditation and self massage workshops, as well as balance and mobility classes within several aging communities – including the nationally recognized OSHER Institute.

Gaining valuable insight through her own encounters with anxiety, pain, compromised gut microbiome, and an ultimate journey into a plant-based diet, Melia’s personal experiences brings forth compassion and sensitivity into all of her educational sessions.

An undergraduate degree in theatre performance makes Melia a natural at teaching vocal strength development. Decades of hands-on muscular assessments gives her an in-depth comprehension of muscular/skeletal pain. Match all this history with professional dance and certification in senior fitness, Melia is able to offer a well-founded perspective on soft tissue function, bodily pain patterns, and movement as therapy for an aging population.

As the Educational Consultant for Yellow Tulip, Melia’s broad library of knowledge and experience offers realistic help for making the best and most progressive choices in the management of your PD symptoms. Sometimes we need new eyes on a repetitive situation, or the sound of an unfamiliar voice presenting something in new way. Personalized attention can give us a level of support that take us to a higher level of self care for optimal living.

Sessions are designed to offer education and support for the most comprehensive and cutting edge understanding of your choices in managing symptoms. A goal of your sessions is to take information literally “off the page” for implementation into your daily life. Ultimately, however, your changes of lifestyle choices remain in your control. You decide where you want to see change in your life and those areas become the focus in your sessions. 

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