An Integrated Approach to Treating Parkinson’s Disease

Get back to living your life. Combining the latest science, photobiomodulation technology, and proven natural therapies to provide you an effective Parkinson’s treatment alternative.

How You Can Heal Parkinson’s

Natural and Integrative

No medications. No surgeries. An advanced Parkinson’s treatment program utilizing an integrated set of therapies working together to heal and stimulate the brain and body.

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Latest Medical Science

New treatments based on the latest medical studies. A treatment program designed to get through the blood-brain barrier, heal the gut, and stimulate neural connections in the brain.

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Recommended Books for Parkinson's

Check out our book list for healing, slowing, and even reversing the effects of Parkinson’s

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Living Your Life and Being Active in the Fresh Air Doesn’t Have to Stop at a Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Combining advanced photobiomodulation (low-level laser) techniques, scalp acupuncture, movement, stress management therapies, and nutritional therapies – we help you get outside, smiling, and moving again.

Our greatest reward is hearing our patients’ loved ones remark on how they are smiling with their whole face again, or watching our patients light up as they bicycle in the sunshine and gain a greater sense of control over their life.

“They were friendly and made me feel at home. They always listen to every question or concern I may have. Not only did they thoroughly review my medical history before I started treatment, they sat down and discussed it with me too. They truly go out of their way to make everyone feel equally respected and cared for.”

- KM

Our Mission:

To Slow and Even Arrest the Progression of Brain Diseases.

We bring together an innovative team of experts into a proactive program of healing, movement, and neural stimulation. We believe in stimulating the body's ability to heal and recover, and to ultimately stop these degenerative brain diseases.

Starting with Parkinson's, one by one we are working to develop therapeutic treatment programs to address all degenerative brain diseases from Parkinson's to Alzheimers.