Karianne Croy

Nutrition Coach, The Whole Truth Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Karianne Croy has always had an earnest desire to help others, as well as an enthusiasm for health and fitness. She pursued a career in firefighting and paramedicine as a means to merge these passions. After twelve years experience seeing patients from a pre-hospital perspective, she saw how devastating and debilitating chronic illness can be and how the conventional medical system simply treats symptoms while not addressing the cause, resulting in further disease progression and suffering, as well as the addition of unwanted side effects from medications used to treat symptoms. 

After a career ending injury, a surgery, a bout with chronic pain, and further disappointment with conventional medicine, she began to explore other options to help heal herself. After learning about the science of a whole food, plant based diet and its ability to prevent, treat, and even reverse disease of many kinds, she became passionate about sharing and spreading this knowledge. As a graduate of Cornell University’s Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition Program and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she aims to instill confidence in one’s own ability to make choices which will truly enrich body, mind, and spirit, and to ensure others that it is never too late to experience the benefits of a positive lifestyle change. For questions about how nutrition affects chronic brain disease, please contact Karianne by submitting inquiries to karianne@wholetruthaz.com.

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