PLAN2MOVE: Heal Your Parkinson’s with IBHI’s Integrative Treatment Program

Whether you live in Tuscon or are plane trip away, get your life back with PLAN2MOVE. Our expert team of integrative therapists get you moving, smiling, and feeling like yourself again.

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What is PLAN2MOVE?

PLAN2MOVE is a integrative Parkinson’s Disease treatment program we take Parkinson’s patients through every day. By the end, we see our patients smiling, moving better, riding bicycles, and feeling happier and more in control of their lives as a result.

PLAN2MOVE includes our integrative approach right in the name…

Stands for Photobiomodulation (a cranial low-level laser therapy)

Core to our unique treatment program and designed to stimulate healing in the brain to counter the deterioration of Parkinson’s on brain cells.

Stands for Loosening

Meditation, stress management, and massage therapies designed to loosen up your body to help your brain health and movement.

Stands for Acupuncture (specifically scalp acupuncture)

A modern application of acupuncture specifically designed to help the brain, and backed by research results for brain conditions.

Stands for Nutrition

A key component of recovery and brain health comes from the gut and the foods you’re putting in your body.


Stands for Movement Therapies

Including a special healing movement therapy  specifically for Parkinson’s patients and Rapid Leg Movement therapy to help quickly relieve tremors and shuffling gait.

It All Starts at Integrative Brain Healing Institute and Our Professional Treatment Team

Our patients come in from all over to participate in this unique treatment program. Everyone starts with the WORKS! intensive 12 week program to jump start the healing process, and get initial results.

Then they take home the ongoing maintenance program to continue their progress and healing with occasional check-ins with their team here at IBHI.

The “WORKS!” intensive is a 5 phase program:

W – the Wake Up phase. We’re waking up your body. You’ll be getting up, getting out, and getting moving.

O – the Open Up phase. We open up your GI system (your gut) to be functioning optimally, which is closely connected to brain health.

R – the Rev Up phase. We get you on the Theracycle with movement therapies to get you moving better again.

K – the Keep Up phase. Here we are continuing the treatments to keep making further progress even when the core program ends.

S!Sunny Side Up! You’re now ready to go outside and ride bicycles with me, out in the sun and fresh air.

Yes, you read that right. Our patients end the program by getting outside on bicycles!


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An Advanced, Integrative Treatment Program that’s Already Seeing Results and Continues to Improve…

“… I witnessed a miracle! According to my wife, she could not recognize herself in the mirror at the start of her treatment. This changed to the point of 75% improvement, and 90% improvement in her happiness.”

– The Husband of a Parkinson's Patient

(anonymity requested)

Dr. John Wagner, at the age of 84, is a program graduate. As shown in the photo below he enjoys his new life at home. He gave the following testimonial to show his appreciation:

“I came to know Dr. Steve Liu and his staff in February 2018. I was sold on the practice of a vegan diet, exercise, light therapy, massage, and meditation.

I lost twenty pounds in the first three months. I sleep better, walk without a cane, less anxious, depression has improved. I sing and smile more. I hope to live twenty years of quality life which would make me to be one hundred & ten years old.

My neurologist diagnosed me with parkinsonism, gave me a cane and told me to exercise and take pills.  Pills do not work for me and others born out by the fact that Pfizer stopped all research and meds for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in January 2018 i.e. Google Pfizer drug company  January 2018.

Thank you, Steve, and your staff.


Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and not wanting to take any drugs, I was looking for alternative therapies. I was trying many modalities and was only finding minimal results, I was losing hope, until I found Dr. Steve.

After listening to Dr. Steve’s presentation of his well thought out Parkinson’s program, it showed he was passionate about helping people. His extensive research on the benefit of laser therapy and incorporating it with acupuncture gave me hope again.

After my first treatment, I noticed many improvements. After two months of working with Dr. Steve, and incorporating a plant based diet and exercise, I continue to make progress.

I feel more comfortable, confident, and faster in my walking. My speech is stronger and clearer. A big difference is my sleeping pattern. I went from one hour intervals to now getting up to four to five continuous hours of restful sleep. I am even more interested in being social, active, and l even laugh again. To my family, the biggest difference is that I am more physically present in my body and it shows in my face and eyes.

Dr. Steve is very caring and I am very grateful to have found him and his Parkinson’s program.

Annie H., 72-year old

Steve Liu, Founder, Explains the PLAN2MOVE Integrative Parkinson’s Treatment Program

And Hear from Others on the Team

Movement with Joe Pinella

Nutrition with Kerianne Croy

Muscle Therapy with Maria Mitchell

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