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We Welcome Referrals and Collaboration

With all our patients, we’re happy to communicate with their existing care, and we welcome referrals for treatment.

Steve Liu welcomes your interest in the program and would be happy to speak with you about it. Just schedule an appointment or request information at 520-878-8116

Our medical travel treatment program includes an intensive version of the Parkinson’s disease treatment program, along with concierge service, to those seeking treatment from outside the Tucson area. We take complete care of those traveling here for their treatment, along with support for continuing their treatment program after leaving.

Refer new patients to Steve Liu, program director and founder of IBHI’s treatment program for Parkinson’s disease. Steve is happy to speak with you and coordinate care at 520-878-8116.

For more information on photobiomodulation therapy, visit North American Association for PhotobiomoduLation Therapy and World Association for Laser Therapy to find out more about low-level laser and LED therapy.


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