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Patient Forms and Parkinson's Treatment Educational Resources
Information and resources for new and existing patients can be found here, and are regularly updated.

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Your First Appointment

Bring your questions and an open mind as we talk about your medical history and what our programs can do for you.

Followup Appointments​

For follow-up appointments, please bring the “Patient Information Folder.” Also, please have breakfast before your morning appointments and lunch before your afternoon appointments. Wear warm but loose pants and shirts, and expect to be in the treatment room for one full hour.

Recommended Books and Videos for Patients

Photobiomodulation Therapy:
Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Hamblin on Photobiomodulation


Photobiomodulation Lecture 2015 by Vielight Inc.:
Interviews with Dr. Hamblin and Dr. Naeser


Brain Photobiomodulation:
Vielight Neuro home unit


Brain Photobiomodulation:
Brain LED Therapy with Dr Naeser of VA Boston


Cycling for Freezing Gait in Parkinson’s Disease:
Parkinson’s patients can bike


Gait training for Parkinson’s patient using music:
Parkinson’s patients can dance to music beats


Food for thought: How your belly controls your brain:
Brain-Gut-Microbiome connection


Caltech Researchers Link Parkinson’s Disease to Gut Bacteria:
Microbiome-Parkinson’s disease connection


The Brain That Changes Itself (Chapter 8: Imagination & Chapter 10: Rejuvenation)
Dr. Norman Doidge on the brain’s neuroplasticity.
Get the book »


The Brain’s Way of Healing (Chapter 2: A Man Walks Off His Parkinsonian’s Symptoms & Chapter 4: Rewiring a Brain with Light)
Dr. Norman Doidge on the brain’s neuroplasticity.

The China Study Solution (Part 1: Foundations of Health)
Dr. Thoma Campbell on plant-based diet.


The Alzheimer’s Solution (Chapter 4: Exercise & Chapter 5: Unwind & Chapter 6: Restore)
Dr. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai on their NEURO plan to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease at any age.


How Not to Die (Chapter 14: How Not to Die  From Parkinson’s Disease)(Chapter 14: How Not to Die  From Parkinson’s Disease)
Dr. Michael Greger on the consumption of milk and Parkinson’s disease.
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The Mind-Gut Connection (Chapter 9: The Onslaught of the North American Diet: What Evolution Did Not Foresee)
Dr. Emeran Mayer on Bacteria Prevotella and Parkinson’s disease.
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Patient Education – Rapid Leg Movement Therapy

We use Theracycle equipment for Parkinson’s treatment with Rapid Leg Movement Therapy

NBC Nightly News Report: How Patients Are Using Cycling to Slow Down Parkinson’s

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Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic are finding that cycling is helping patients stop the symptoms of Parkinson’s, and can even do something that medicine can’t do.

Patient Education – Photobiomodulation Therapy

We use FDA-cleared Laser and LED devices

Research Organizations

  • LumaPoint Research LLC, a research and development department of the Center, is responsible for developing special treatment programs using low-light therapy in conjunction with acupuncture for the treatment of stroke recovery, tinnitus, chronic sinusitis, low vision, chronic soft-tissue injury, osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, shingles pain, non-healing wounds, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Please visit North American Association for PhotobiomoduLation Therapy and World Association for Laser Therapy to find out more about low-level laser and LED therapy.


  • Lampl et al., 2007 (Stroke). Transcranial NIR laser therapy to treat acute ischemic stroke, NeuroThera, NEST-1 study.
  • Zivin et al., 2009 (Stroke). Effectiveness and safety, transcranial NIR laser therapy to treat acute ischemic stroke (NEST study).
  • Schiffer et al., 2009 (Behav Brain Funct). Transcranial, NIR LED treatment for major depression and anxiety.
  • Naeser & Hamblin, 2011 (Editorial, PMLS). Potential for transcranial laser or LED therapy to treat stroke, TBI and neurodegenerative disease.
  • Naeser, Saltmarche et al., 2011 (PMLS): Transcranial LED to improve cognition in TBI and PTSD, with home treatment (2 case reports).
  • Whelan et al., 2012 ( In Bio.). Therapeutic effect of near infrared (NIR) light on Parkinson’s disease models.
  • Nawashiro et al., 2012 (PMLS). Focal increase in cerebral blood flow after transcranial, NIR LED to forehead in severe, chronic TBI (persistent vegetative state).
  • Gonzalez-Lima et al., 2013 (Neuroscience). Transcranial Infrared Laser Stimulation Produces Beneficial Cognitive and Emotional Effects in Humans.
  • Naeser, Zafonte et al., 2014 (J of Neurotrauma). Significant improvement in cognition post- 18 transcranial LED treatments in chronic, TBI.
  • Saltmarche, Naeser et al., 2017 (PMLS). Significant improvement in cognition in 5 chronic, dementia patients post- 12 weeks, transcranial plus intranasal NIR LED treatments.

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