About the Integrative Brain Healing Institute

Integrative Brain Healing Institute (IBHI) is the brain child of Steve Liu. It was his own father’s battle with Parkinson’s that has inspired Steve to help others. 

Previously an electrical engineer, Steve has spent the last decade combining his knowledge of the healing properties of light through laser therapy with Traditional Chinese Medicine learned through his own mother. It was the final culmination of meeting Joe Pinella (Qi Gong master), Karianne Croy (whole-food plant-based health coach), and Maria Mitchell (massage and yoga therapy practitioner) that Steve decided to form a ‘team’ of practitioners and develop a program to help slow and may even arrest the progression of Parkinson’s disease. 

In April 2017, IBHI presented it’s first workshop. For the next year patients from local areas of Tucson committed to the program, the required lifestyle changes, and opened their minds to the concept of improving their quality of life. The testimonies you see on this website are real patients who have gone through the PLAN2MOVE program. Their results are real, and they have become the pioneers who a have paved the way for other’s healing results.   

Currently, IBHI is a subsidiary of HanLing Acupuncture Healing Center (www.hlahc.com). This acupuncture center was founded by Steve and his wife Wen in 1997. This clinic has been a corner stone of healing for the entire northern Tucson area for two decades. Steve and his team are now ready to match the success of HanLing by searching for the perfect spot in Tucson for IBHI. It is the dream and plan to open this brain healing institute in order to offer these integrative and alternative therapies on a national and even international level. 

IBHI is currently located at HanLing Acupuncture Healing Center,
6812 N. Oracle Road, Suite 130, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Meet Your Parkinson’s Healing Team:

Steve Liu, L.Ac., BSEE

Program Developer and Director, Founder, Acupuncturist and Photobiomodulation Therapist

Joe Pinella

Developer, Healing Movement Systems

Karianne Croy

Nutrition Coach, The Whole Truth Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Melia Maria

Massage & Yoga Therapist, Finding Balance

Our Mission:

To Slow and Even Arrest the Progression of Brain Diseases.

We bring together an innovative team of experts into a proactive program of healing, movement, and neural stimulation. We believe in stimulating the body's ability to heal and recover, and to ultimately stop these degenerative brain diseases.

Starting with Parkinson's, one by one we are working to develop therapeutic treatment programs to address all degenerative brain diseases from Parkinson's to Alzheimers.

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